"Dead people don't have to go to school."

Finals Week

In honor of everyone who’s still in school!

Although I’m not legally dead (yet), I also am out of school at this time simply because the online school let out earlier than regular school for some reason. Hooray for a longer summer vacation!

Also apparently there’s a Molteno Department of Records now? I wonder if they’ve got a death certificate for every bug Milter’s ever had for lunch…

Originally there was going to be dialogue in the first five panels of this strip, but I realized that I could get the point across without a single word, so I did, because I’m lazy. But I still like how it turned out. Five panels of complete silence do their job perfectly! Or at least adequately.

So now that I’m out of school I have time to make more comics. This should hopefully mean a little more than just one a day, but I do need a few drafts ready because of the upcoming vacation…*sigh*


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