Yes, I’m still alive

Untold ages ago I promised you all a comic “tomorrow” right on the eve of a technological disaster. Tomorrow came and lo and behold, my computer and laptop are no longer speaking to each other. They must have had a fight or something?

Anyway, since I could not\still can’t scan new strips for the site, I was unable to post the next comic–or any comics after that–so I took the rest of the summer off. Now that school has started again, I decided to try to revive Triassic Park, starting with this apology for suddenly disappearing. I promise I’ll figure out a way to scan new issues again, and then we’ll get this site up and rolling just like before! If only my computer and scanner\printer would work things out between them…

I hope I didn’t have anyone worried, or worse, irritated by this long hiatus. To make up for it, I’ll finally tell you where I went for vacation: Washington DC! It was really neat. At one of the many museums there I got to see some awesome fossils AND I got to hold a large hissing cockroach named Dora! I also got to eat from a food truck (pork dumplings!) and saw more modern art sculptures than I’d ever seen before (which wasn’t great, because I hate modern art). And would you believe it, on the trip to and from, I passed the time writing comics! (Not Triassic Park though.)


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