"We're onto you, Sphen!"

Pelycosaur Hour: Part II


Appropriately, we reached 800 views yesterday. It’s not a benchmark number, but it is a multiple of 100. Which is the number of this post. And since there have now been exactly 100 posts, I can get percentages without doing any real math! Wait…I love doing math. Shoot.

Anyway, percentages!

96% of the posts on this site are actual comics. The rest consists of stuff like thisthis, and this pointless update.

20% is the portion of these 100 issues taken up by the longest-running individual story arc. It was the Capture the Flag one.

60% is how many strips Tiku appears in. He’s not the “official main character” for nothing.

14% of the issues have one-word titles. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyway, happy 100 post day! That’s going to be a thing now!


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