"Hey, wait a minute--!"

Meanwhile, in Juan’s classroom…

You may not remember that Juan is a teacher. He’s been shown grading papers (see Finals Week) and it was mentioned in his anonymous character sketch. We’ve never actually seen him with a class before, though. Aren’t the students adorable? Especially that Protoavis. He looks like a chibi!

Hang on, how old are these kids? They’re fluently reading difficult words like “tracheae” but they definitely look significantly younger than Fumu, who is middle-school aged. Add to that the fact that different species age at different rates, and…really, who knows?

Goldfinches have begun to appear in my yard. Oddly, none of them have come to the birdfeeders yet, despite the fact that I have a great big thistle feeder waiting for them. I expected that they would notice all the other birds coming to the feeders and investigate for themselvelves. But apparently, the opinions of the local house sparrows, house finches, doves, grackles, and robins are of no concern to goldfinches. Even the squirrels are more cooperative (they’ve been eating seed off the ground instead of attacking the feeders like they often do).


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