>Rewind All<

More places you can find mystery buttons: Computer keyboards, radios, stopwatches, kitchen appliances, any type of control center, vehicles, & digital clocks. Electric pianos or keyboards often have more mystery buttons than they have buttons with a clear function. Some have only mystery buttons, with the exception of the Power button.

Usually, when you press these buttons, either nothing will happen or your device will stop working. It is extremely rare for the universe to run in full reverse, but you ought to be careful all the same.

Anyway, I must apologize for accidentally publishing yesterday’s comic before it was supposed to be published! This is the strip I was supposed to post yesterday.

Luckily, there’s not going to be any continuity issues. Obviously, that strip yesterday was supposed to be the closing of the “watering hole” arc, but there actually weren’t any more scenes with Milter at the watering hole. Besides today’s strip, there was one more that focused on the rest of the main characters, as well as one set at the watering hole that didn’t actually involve Milter. I guess now I’ve accidentally altered canon to make these events happen after Milter is kicked out, but since there’s no problems with continuity, the “new canon” is acceptable.

Now that school’s started up again, you can expect me to actually post daily like I’m supposed to. I didn’t go on a full-summer-long, uninterrupted hiatus like last year, but yeah, posts these past few months have been pretty spotty. But hey, I got my just deserts–the views during that time were just as few and far between!


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