Zodiac Stereotypes II

Pascul is a Gemini (stereotype: energetic); Max is a Saggitarius (stereotype: naive); Milter is a Cancer (stereotype: laid-back); and Fumu is a Leo (stereotype: selfish).

I’ve found yet another reason we need to invent time travel: so we can count lizards on a boat! Bear with me here.

How many desert grassland whiptails (that’s a species of lizard) were there on Noah’s ark? Two, right? But all whiptails are female. The species reproduces asexually. So you wouldn’t need two of them to re-establish the species after the flood. In Genesis, God tells Noah to bring “two of every kind of animal onto the ark”. So does that mean there had to be two whiptails, even though both of them would’ve been female? Or was the whiptail lizard the one exception to the “two of every animal” rule?

Hmm…speaking of which…do you think the invention of time travel would allow us to silence Holocaust deniers once and for all? You’d think so, but maybe not. The invention of space travel didn’t silence Flat-Earthers. Then again, have we ever taken the Flat-Earthers into space? Let’s do that. Let’s take them into space even though it’s super expensive and time-consuming. It’ll totally be worth it when they decide that the rocket ship was really a virtual reality machine and they never really went into space because the Earth is flat, yes. Let’s waste our time and money trying to convince stupid people of a thing they will never be convinced of.

So anyway, after pondering the lizard question for a while I googled “mind-blowing questions” to see if anyone else had come up with something similar. Instead I found stuff like, “in the word ‘scent’, is it the or the that’s silent?” That’s a good question, but I wouldn’t call it mind-blowing. There were some funny ones, though. For example, “Why does someone believe you if you tell them there are 4 billion stars, but feel the need to check if you tell them the paint is wet?” and “What if you found a four-leaf clover under a ladder?”


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