Zodiac Stereotypes III

So just a few days ago I told my dad:

“When I first read that I was going to have to keep live crickets to feed the lizard I was worried that they would chirp all the time and be annoying. But they actually hardly ever chirp and when they do it’s just once or twice. They’re not annoying at all!”

And now I want to go back in time and slap myself in the face for saying that.

I don’t know what made them change their minds. They started chirping more frequently and now they won’t stop. And it’s not pretty chirping either; it’s a really irritating, grating noise repeated over and over and over and over all night long. And yeah, I keep both the gecko and the crickets in my bedroom so they’re keeping me up at night. If I tap on the lid of the cricket habitat, they’ll shut up for about a minute, but then they go right back to chirping.

I can’t spend the next 20 years (average lifespan of a gecko) losing sleep this way! I could move the crickets to another room during the night…where though? I’ll have to work something out.


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