Unnecessary Summary

I felt that the traffic here was way below what I wanted, so I decided to advertise TALKROACHBLOG on a different site. As it turns out, there are other webcomic libraries besides TWC, and I registered Triassic Park with one called belfrycomics. I didn’t expect much, but…wow! There was a nice big rush in traffic, presumably because newly registered comics attract attention, and we hit another benchmark.

250 visitors. That means it’s guest comic time.

Since my sister already did a guest comic, you can go see what one will look like once published. All guest comics should be full-page eight panel color Sunday strips. You can color them yourself, but if you send them in black-and-white I’ll color them before publishing them. If you want to draw in word balloons, do that. If you want to add the dialogue yourself some other way, go ahead. But if you make the strip the way I do, and have nothing but pictures, write a script for the comic and send that along with it. Email your comic to me at teresatalkroach@gmail.com. After we hit the next benchmark, I’ll start publishing guest comics into the strip, and if I publish yours I’ll want to link to you. So when you send in a guest comic, let me know if you’ve got a website or a blog or anything you’d like me to mention. Consider it free advertising.

So, in a completely unnecessary summary, here are the official rules for guest comics (which will also be posted elsewhere):

  • Comic must be in the format two rows of four panels each, total eight panels. If a comic is sent in with more than eight panels, it will not be accepted. If a comic is sent in with less than eight panels, it will be accepted but Teresa will fill in the missing panels with whatever the heck she wants.
  • Comic will ultimately be in full color. If a comic is sent in already colored, fine. If one is sent in not colored, Teresa will color it.
  • Dialogue is absolutely necessary. It can be written into the strip by hand or by computer, or it can be left in a script form for Teresa to transfer over into the comic herself. Either way is fine, but the dialogue needs to be there. Do not expect Teresa to make up dialogue to go along with whatever random pictures you send her.
  • Pictures are absolutely necessary. They can be drawn by the person submitting the comic, or by another person. If such is the case, credit should be given to the artist. It is also permissible to re-use pictures from old Triassic Park strips, if they are given new dialogue. What is not allowed is sending in a script and expecting Teresa to draw the pictures for you.
  • Comics with dialogue in any language other than English will be published in the original language, with an English translation in the rant below. Such a translation can be provided by the person submitting the comic, but if it isn’t don’t expect Teresa to get the translation exactly right.
  • No profanity, sexual content, or excessively offensive language (ethnic slurs and whatnot). Violence is permitted so long as it isn’t overly graphic or disgusting.
  • Any given person can submit as many comics as they like. Depending on the circumstances, more than one of them may be published.
  • Teresa reserves the right to disqualify any comic on the basis that she doesn’t like it.
  • Email all guest comics to teresatalkroach@gmail.com.

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