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Hey there! Were you reading Triassic Park strips in order, but some jerk closed your window? Or did you accidentally close it yourself? Or have you not gotten on to the site in a while, but you’d still like to pick up where you left off?

Just look for the last story arc you remember, and start there! Links to all the major plots are right on this page:

Introducing Triassic Park: The first few strips, in which the main characters are introduced one by one!

Tiku the Fugitive: The part where Juan blames the Permian Extinction on Tiku!

Technical Difficulties: The part where Milter attempts to eat Max’s TV!

Help Wanted: The part where Tiku and Max sign up for a Comedy Club!

In Loving Memory: My Betta fish died. Also, some random stuff like memes and censorship!

The Next Big Thing: Megellan is the first dinosaur to be a major character in Triassic Park. This is the part where he’s introduced!

Capture the Flag: The part where the gang plays an old childhood favorite game, Capture the Flag!

Happy Halloween!: Halloween 2016! Tiku is a ninja, Megellan is a mummy and Max is a licensed cartoon character!

Found Supremist: The part where Roberta adopts Fumu, the first mammal to be a major character!

Triassic Night Live: The part where there are clips from Max’s favorite shows instead of actual plot!

Figurative Language: The part where Milter joins a watering hole!