Animals of the Triassic and Permian times

Hey everyone! Since you’re reading Triassic Park, why not learn about the animals that lived during this time period? Science is fun!



Wikipedia article:

Characters: Tiku & Max; Konchu from Rising Sun

Time period: Devonian-modern day

Size: 1 or 2 inches long

About: Cockroaches are one of those animals that has been around for a long time, yet haven’t really changed since they first evolved. These insects are closely related to termites, and many species of cockroach are social animals. Cockroaches are infamously hard to kill and this is partially why they are such hated pests. Although they can fly, they rarely do for some reason.



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Characters: Milter

Time period: Late Permian

Size: 60 centimeters (about 2 feet) long

About: Although it looks like a modern-day lizard, Milleretta was more closely related to turtles. This small insectivorous animal lived during the late Permian period, about 250 million years ago. It could move quite fast to catch prey or escape danger, but probably spent a good deal of its time just lying around in the sun–like all reptiles, it was cold-blooded.



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Characters: Juan; Grumpy Cat parody in “Reverse Time Capsule”; one of Juan’s students; Appears in “Explanation”

Time period: Permian-Triassic

Size: 1 foot 8 inches long

About: A small mammal-like reptile, Thrinaxodon was a carnivore that probably hunted other MLRs and possibly even early dinosaurs. It lived in burrows, which it either dug itself or borrowed from other burrowing animals of the day (a behavior still common in creatures today). Though it had fur like a mammal, Thrinaxodon is still considered a reptile because of certain details of its skeleton.



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Characters: Lola

Time Period: Carboniferous-modern day

Size: The smallest are less than 1 inch, the largest were over 2 feet

About: These predatory insects are one of the oldest types of animals still alive today. While some bugs only have one pair of wings, dragonflies have double. The front pair isn’t shaped quite the same as the back pair, either. Dragonflies start their lives as aquatic creatures but undergo a series of molts until they finally gain their wings. The ancient relatives of dragonflies, the griffinflies, were the fiercest aerial predators of their day…but they disappeared in the Permian Extinction.



Wikipedia article:

Characters: Roberta

Time Period: Late Permian

Size: 20 centimeters (8 inches) long

About: Robertia is a member of a group of MLRs called dicynodonts. The name refers to those cute little fangs these animals sport! Robertia was a tiny creature, and to avoid being eaten by the many predators of its day it burrowed into the ground and spent most of its time there. It may even have eaten the roots of plants it was digging under–it was certainly a herbivore, and those teeth must have been good for something. 



Wikipedia article:

Characters: Megellan; Louis

Time Period: Triassic

Size: 3 feet long

About: Possibly the first dinosaur that ever existed, Eoraptor was a small bipedal carnivore. Its fossils have been found on an ancient riverbed, so it may have eaten fish as well as small terrestrial prey. Faster and smarter than most of the animals around it, Eoraptor was in a prime position to dominate the new world of the Triassic. And it pretty much did, considering that its descendants ruled the earth for 200 million years and are still alive today!



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: That One Guy; Extra in “Comedy Club”

Time Period: mid-Triassic

Size: 6 inches long

About: What a strange little creature! Longisquama were small, lizard-shaped reptiles that sported long “quills” along their backs. Some people think that these were merely scales and others think they could have been primitive feathers. Either way, Longisquama is related to several other gliding reptiles so it’s likely the quills could be spread out on either side of this animal and used as wings, allowing Longisquama to glide in a manner similar to a modern flying-squirrel. The quills also could have been brightly colored for courtship purposes.



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Fumu; Yurui from Rising Sun

Time Period: Triassic-Jurassic

Size: about 4 inches long

About: Morganucodon is considered by some to be one of the earliest mammals, because it has all the features that make modern mammals distinct. However others claim it’s just a relative of mammals, because it lived before the most recent common ancestor of all contemporary mammals. Morganucodon fed on small invertebrates like insects, worms, and centipedes. Because it was small and didn’t stand a chance against the reptilian predators of the day, it was probably nocturnal. At night, a warm-blooded animal like Morganucodon could be active without having to worry about cold-blooded predators. Color-receptive cells in the eyes are almost useless in low light, so these nocturnal animals lost one and replaced it with extra rod cells (to help them see in the dark). That’s why most mammals today, including dogs and cats, are partially colorblind!



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Chathi; Appears in “Convergent Evolution”

Time Period: Late Triassic

Size: 1 meter long

About: Pisanosaurus was an early Heterodontosaur. Heterodontosaurs are an important dinosaur family that is constantly getting neglected. You might not even have heard of them before. They’re the ancestors of nearly half the dinosaur family tree; they had opposable thumbs and sharp tusks; their feathers did not even remotely resemble those of modern birds. Pisanosaurus is the earliest known member of the group, and is so primitive compared to the rest that it was once given its own family, of which it was the only member. Also Pisanosaurus has been reconstructed with its tusks coming out of the lower jaw, but no one told me about this and it is far too late to change my character design. Oh well?



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: The unnamed Devonia’s Witness missionary

Time Period: Mid-Triassic

Size: 2 feet long

About: This relative of dinosaurs was capable of walking on its hind legs.



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Fang from Pelycosaur Hour; Extra in “I think my timeline’s broken”; Skeleton in “Hyperbole”

Time Period: Early Permian

Size: Ranging from under 6 to over 15 feet long

About: Dimetrodon is a pelycosaur, a distant ancestor of modern mammals.



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Extra in “I think my timeline’s broken”

Time Period: Permian

Size: about 2 feet 4 inches long

About: It was a terrestrial amphibian that returned to the water only to lay its eggs.



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Extra in “I think my timeline’s broken”

Time Period: Permian

Size: over 10 feet long

About: This thick-skulled MLR was one of the largest land animals of its time.



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Extra in “I think my timeline’s broken”

Time Period: Permian

Size: 2.5 meters long

About: Its name means “crocodile titan”, but it was actually a therapsid.



Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Pascul; Extra in “Comedy Club”

Time Period: Mid-Triassic

Size: about a foot and a half long

About: Massetognathus was warm-blooded and furry but laid eggs like a reptile.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: The unnamed guy with strong opinions about politics

Time Period: Late Triassic

Size: 18 inch wingspan

About: Preondactylus is not a pterodactyl; it’s an earlier type of long-tailed pterosaur.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: The salesman in “Life Hacks”; appears in “Convergent Evolution”

Time Period: Triassic

Size: 1 meter long

About: Despite looking like a turtle, Henodus was actually related to plesiosaurs.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: The newscaster in “Your words, not mine”

Time Period: Silurian-Modern day

Size: The smallest are only 3 millimeters; the biggest was 8 feet long

About: Millipedes are slow-moving and generally harmless, but they kind of look like centipedes (which are freakishly fast and have poisonous claws) so be careful.

“Sellosaurus” (P. gracilis)

Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Miss Sophie in “Your words, not mine”

Time Period: Triassic

Size: About 14 feet long

About: We used to call this dinosaur a Sellosaurus. Now we call it a Plateosaurus gracilis.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Mentioned in “Truth or Dare part 1”

Time Period: Jurassic

Size: 2 meter wingspan

About: Also not a pterodactyl.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Fred the Fish parody in “Reverse Time Capsule”; Mentioned in “Yo Mama”

Time Period: Permian-Triassic

Size: Uncertain, but possibly up to 40 feet long

About: This shark had a bizarre spiral-shaped jaw called a “tooth whirl”.


Wikipedia Article: There is none.

Characters: Confession Bear parody in “Reverse Time Capsule”; the doctor in “NOOOOO!!!!!”

Time Period: Late Permian

Size: 5 centimeters long

About: A small lizard-like animal that doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia page.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Two extras in “Clash of Isms”; one of Juan’s students

Time Period: Triassic-Jurassic

Size: about 4 inches long

About: Megazostrodon was a nocturnal mammal that resembled a rodent.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Gruyere from Colby Jack; Extra in “This is Tiku”

Time Period: Permian

Size: 1 meter long

About: Thanks to its straight-legged posture, it was able to easily outrun other animals of the time.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Juan’s henchman in “Juan returns!”; one of Juan’s students

Time Period: Triassic

Size: 13 feet long

About: Rauisuchus was at the top of the Triassic food chain; its prey even included dinosaurs.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Milter’s would-be lunch in “Top of the Food Chain”; Appear in “One More of These”

Time Period: Appeared sometime before the Triassic; still around today

Size: Varied. EXTREMELY varied.

About: These eight-legged invertabrates are one of the most diverse animal groups of all time…


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Tou in Rising Sun; one of Juan’s students

Time Period: Late Triassic

Size: When it was discovered this dinosaur was thought to be a bird predating Archaeopteryx; thus it was given this name meaning “first bird”. It has since been established that it was probably not a bird, just a very feathery dinosaur.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Niha from Rising Sun

Time Period: Permian

Size: Apart from its large, comical looking tusks, this animal was nearly toothless.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Monterey from Colby Jack

Time Period: Triassic

Size: Up to 20 feet long

About: A fearsome predator, this was one of the first decent-sized meat-eating dinosaurs.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Swiss from Colby Jack; Guy on the left in “Getting Philosophical 2”

Time Period: Early Jurassic-modern day

Size: Ranging from 8 mm to 21 cm in wingspan

About: Insects with long “necks”. These things are just bizarre.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Asiago from Colby Jack

Time Period: Permian

Size: 1 meter long

About: Its oddly shaped head made this amphibian rather hard for predators to swallow.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Guy on the right in “Getting Philosophical 2”

Time Period: Triassic-modern day

Size: Up to about 5 inches long

About: Locusts are just grasshoppers that have formed a swarm. Seriously.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Sail from Pelycosaur Hour

Time Period: Late Carboniferous-early Permian

Size: Between 2 and 12 feet long (among different species)

About: Though closely related to sailback pelycosaurs like Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus evolved its sail independently in a bizarre case of parallel evolution.


Wikipedia Article:

Characters: Sphen from Pelycosaur Hour

Time Period: Late Carboniferous-early Permian

Size: 2-3 meters long

About: The less famous, shorter-sailed cousin of Dimetrodon.